Friday, July 13, 2012

Trail Cam Pictures #1

I plan to occasionally post pictures to this blog from the trail cameras that my brother-in-law and I have set up at the two farms that we hunt on. This is not going to be a regular feature, but more of an occasional posting when something interesting or exciting shows up on our cameras. Right now we have two cameras out, both on mineral sites that we have established for deer. However, as the pictures will show, sometimes surprises show up!

I have only been using trail cameras since last Christmas, when I received one as a present. I know I'm coming late to the game as several people I know have been using these for years. I do enjoy getting to see what roams around in the woods when nobody is around, and it is exciting to see pictures of deer that will hopefully still be in the area when deer season comes. If you have never used one of these cameras, I would definitely recommend trying it out. Even if you're not a hunter or don't plan to use these as a scouting tool, I believe you will enjoy getting to see the different animals that are living in your neck of the woods.

Enough talking, on with the pictures!

Velvet buck
Lots more pictures below the jump!

Raccoons are one of the most common pictures that I get
Blue jay stopping by

Rabbits must like minerals too
I have several pictures of this doe with the white patch on her side
Two young bucks at the mineral site
Early morning visitor to the minerals
Definitely not a deer! I think the neighbors must have a hole in the fence!
I tried all last turkey season to get this guy

Young bucks in velvet

This is just a small sample of the pictures I had on the camera. I always enjoy getting to see the critters that roam around in the woods where I hunt. I will try to post the most interesting pictures from our cameras occasionally. It will be interesting to watch the little bucks in the pictures develop.

Thanks for stopping by!

- Joseph

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