Monday, July 16, 2012


I went to check on a trail camera the other day, and was treated to this sight. It looks like the turkeys have hatched and are growing up!
Hen and four poults
I apologize for the poor pictures, they were taken with my phone out of the truck as I was driving through the field. It's been my experience that the turkeys aren't as spooked by a vehicle as they would have been by me getting out to make a picture. I really need to start carrying a better camera with me everywhere, especially since I'm writing a blog!

Hen and one poult

I was glad to see the young turkeys, both as a hunter and as someone who enjoys nature. I wonder if these poults were fathered by that wise old gobbler that I never could call in? If so, the turkey hunting might get a little more difficult down here!

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- Joseph

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