Monday, December 31, 2012

Rambling Toward 2013

I figured that I would jump on the year-end post bandwagon and reflect back on my first six months as a blogger. I started this blog on June 28 with a post titled Here Goes Nothing!, and in that post I outlined my reasons for starting NC Outdoor Ramblings. Six months and 32 posts later, I'm still here rambling about my outdoor adventures. As I sit here on the last day of 2012, I'm humbled that people actually take the time to read my Internet ramblings. According to Google Analytics, this blog has had 452 unique visitors since I started it six months ago. I feel like I've made some connections in the outdoor blogging community, and have found some wonderful blogs that I enjoy reading by writers who are much more talented than I am, both through comments left on this blog and through the Outdoor Blogger Network.

For my year-end post, I thought I would write up a year-in-review of some of my favorite posts from this past year, starting with this past summer when I started the blog.
Broad River Bream
My first post of any substance when I began the blog was Warm Water Fly Fishing, a post about my new found love of warm water fly fishing, and why I enjoyed it.
Davidson River Brown
There were lots of posts about fly fishing for trout, including Summer's Last Cast.
From the garden
There were also a few about our vegetable garden and orchard, such as A Tasty Legacy.
Blue/Purple/White Triple Threat Streamer
There was a post or two on fly tying, including one about my favorite smallmouth fly the Triple Threat.
Some of my writings weren't about hunting, fishing, or gardening, but nature in general, including my Backyard Ramblings.
2012 8pt Buck
Then as hunting season went into full swing, I found out that Patience Pays Off.
NW PA Snow
Last week, my wife and I were in Pennsylvania to visit her family and celebrate Christmas. Mother Nature helped out with a white Christmas and about 12" of snow! I had thought about trying to do a little trout fishing while we were there, as Oil Creek is close by and quickly becoming one of my favorite places to fish outside of NC. However, the below freezing temperatures changed my mind. As I move into 2013 as a blogger, I plan to continue to write about my outdoor experiences. I already have some posts written, and some of those will see the light next year. Deer season is over, and fishing will probably be slow for a few more months, but there are flies to tie, and small game seasons are still open through the end of February. Hopefully there will be some squirrel and rabbit hunting in the near future for me.

As we end this year and begin a new one, I hope that everyone has a safe, happy, and prosperous New Year!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings this past year!



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Reverend Fowl! I hope you have a Blessed New Year too!

  2. Seeing that much good food in the bed of a pickup is a amazing thing to see. Good luck to you in 2013.

    1. Thanks Daniel! We have sure enjoyed the venison this winter. Good luck to you as well!

  3. Oh, you wait for 2013! This blog will exceed any expectations you have for it! Look forward to reading more!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Bill! I'm looking forward to keeping this blog going in 2013!

  4. You keep a wonderful blog- Happy New Year and best of luck in 2013!

  5. From one rambler to another... happy trails and postings in the new year!

    1. Thank you Walt! I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of rambles 2013 brings!

  6. Good luck to you in 2013 -- with the blog and your outdoor adventures! I think the two go very well hand-in-hand. :)


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