Friday, August 3, 2012

Trail Cam Pictures #2

Here are a few of the latest pictures from my trail camera. I'm glad to see the bucks are still using the mineral site, and it's neat to get to see pictures of the next generation of deer at this farm. Two of the bucks in these pictures were also in pictures that I posted previously on the blog - the 8 point buck was in the In Velvet post, and the one horned buck appeared in the first trail cam pictures post. I was glad these two were still around, and I was excited to see a new buck this time, a nice wide 7 pointer. He is making his first appearance on the blog in this post, but hopefully it won't be his last. It is interesting to me that although I got a lot of pictures at night, they were all does. All of my buck pictures lately have come during the day. Not that I'm complaining!

On with the pictures!
The 7 pointer making his first appearance

Doe and fawn
More pictures below!

Another shot of the doe and fawn


Raccoon Parade

Nighttime visitor

The 8 point buck

The one horned buck
As long as the deer keep showing up there will be another installment of the trail cam pictures series soon!

Thanks for stopping by!

- Joseph

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